Checklist Last Updated May 2017

  1. Frame - Clean and not bent out of shape. No cracks at Frame Joints.
  2. Front Fork - Clean and not bent out of shape. No cracks at Fork Joints.
  3. Headset Bearing - Well lubricated; turns freely with no binding. No perceptible play in the assembly.
  4. Bottom-Bracket Bearing - Turns freely with not more than barely perceptible play in the bearing.
  5. Crank Arms - Clean and not bent out of shape. Tightened securely on the Crankset Axle.
  6. Chainrings - Clean, not worn, and not bent out of shape. Chainring Bolts tightened securely to hold Chainrings to Crankarms.
  7. Pedals - Bearings well lubricated; turn freely with no play in the bearing. Pedals tightly screwed into Crankarm. Clipless pedals functional.
  8. Fenders - Clean; tightly attached without rattling or rubbing against the Tires.
  9. Wheels - Run true and round. Wheel nuts tight. Closed and tight quick-releases. Centered in form or frame members.
  10. Wheel Bearings in hubs - Well lubricated and properly adjusted to move freely with no more than barely perceptible play.
  11. Spokes - None broken or bent. Tightened to a uniform tension.
  12. Tires - Good Tread. Valves completely airtight. Properly inflated to recommended pressure.
  13. Rims - Clean of all oil and grime. Free of dents or kinks.
  14. Chain - Proper tension, allowing 1/2 inch of play. No stiff links. Clean, lubricated, and wiped of excess lubrication.
  15. Gearing - Clean and oiled. Three-speed gears adjusted to eliminate all slipping. Front and Rear derailleurs adjusted for proper shifting with Shifters.
  16. Brakes functioning properly. Brake pads do not show excessive wear.
  17. Coaster - Even braking. Operate within a 20-degree back-pedaling motion.
  18. Hand - Even braking. All nuts tight. Front and rear brakes work without binding. Minimum of 3/16 inch of rubber on Brake Pads. Brake pads aligned with rims and contact rims with a minimum of movement of Hand Controls. No squeal when brakes are used.
  19. Cables - No frayed ends. No broken strands. All taut.
  20. Handlebars - Tightened securely. Grips not worn; fit snugly, adjusted to comfort of rider, ends plugged, & in line with wheel.
  21. Saddle - Height, tilt, and fore/aft position adjusted to rider. All adjustments securely tightened. Seatpost not extended beyond maximum mark on post.
  22. Lights (when needed) - Front light visible for 500 feet. Battery in good operating condition.
  23. Rear Red Reflectors/Lights (when needed) - Visible for 300 feet. Lights functional with battery.
  24. Bell or Horn - In good operating condition. All accessories well tightened and securely fastened. No broken frames or fasteners.
  25. Bike Registration - If required by local law, must be displayed on frame.

This bicycle safety checklist is available at the end of the Cycling Merit Badge Workbook.